Bringing Brands and People Together for the Greater Good.


To utilize our industry experience and leverage our extensive business relationships to work with brands and celebrities seeking to combine profit with social good, and willing
to activate their power to build a better world.


We are a boutique agency that offers services in Brand Strategy, Integrated Marketing, Creative, and Licensing.

While we work with a variety of different companies providing these services, we get particularly excited when we get to work with those that look to make a positive impact. With the growing recognition of a new, more 'purpose-driven', conscious consumer,
we believe that businesses must be profitable and enable positive change.  Our young consumers with their vast purchasing power insist on it, and doing good is simply
good business.

At the helm of our agency is Mary Landaverde, a licensing and brand strategist with over 20 years of experience and a diverse background in strategy, marketing, and licensing.   Mary brings an impressive track record and rolodex of relationships to Clout5, having worked with some of the world’s most iconic brands  such as Miss America, Playboy, Sharper Image, Bob Marley and others.

It was through her work with Miss America, a non-for-profit organization and one of the largest scholarship givers to young women in the world, that she found her passion:  to connect brands to consumers; and leverage celebrity influence to work together for the greater good -- whether that's creating a revenue stream for the celebrity's foundation through licensing, or working with businesses to build campaigns and consumer experiences for social good.

Our purpose and mission is crystal clear:

To dedicate ourselves to working with forward-thinking, authentically driven businesses who are committed to making a positive social impact.  We do this by guiding you with iconic campaigns, brand extensions, and innovative models that generate both profit and social good.