Bringing Brands and People Together for the Greater Good.


Haute Experience was both a campaign and experiential event to raise awareness about youth homelessness in the city of Chicago.


The Objective | To create a unique event for the benefit of the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless and to help amplify their mission in raising awareness for the 23,000 homeless youths/students in Chicago.

Need | A campaign and fundraising event that would help
drive awareness for the cause as well as drive donations.

Clout5 Solution| Clout5 wanted to create something unique that's never been done before at other fundraising events in Chicago.   Bringing in celebrity chef, Frank Whittaker from Ted Allen's show "Chopped" from the Food Network, we launched the "One Haute Guest. One Hot Meal" social media campaign.  This campaign promised that for every guest that attended the event, we would cook and serve a meal to the homeless that same evening of our event.  Hosted at Chicago's most exclusive private members-only venue, Soho House Chicago,  Clout 5's "Haute Experience" welcomed 125 guests to an amazing speak-easy themed night of beautiful Spanish-inspired food, music, and dancers.  Some of Chicago's most influential people in media, music, and the arts, all came together to help support, give and experience this great cause.