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Objective| To refresh their image; develop new marketing and creative assets; develop brand extensions through licensing; align them with new, more relevant sponsors that will help elevate the brand. The goal was to appeal to a wider audience and generate new revenue streams for the organization.

Need| In order to continue their mission as the #1 scholarship giver to young women, the Miss America Organization relied solely on sponsors to help fund their cause.  However, in order to expand their presence and reputation, the organization needed a more innovative approach to draw interested sponsors to their brand.  A revitalized, more contemporary image, along with an effective brand strategy is what we believe was needed to appeal to new partners.

The Miss America Organization is a non-for-profit organization and the #1 scholarship provider for young women in the world offering $45 million in available scholarships every year.  The Miss America Pageant is the 4th longest running TV show in history.


Solution| Within a year, our brand strategy secured key licenses, along with several new sponsorship partners.

These partnerships included a major apparel brand and retailer that resulted in a financial and category sponsor for the Miss America organization.