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The Global One Foundation is a nonprofit whose mission is to help those who live in extreme poverty in Kibera, Kenya.  They work to build schools, provide education, organic farming, computer learning centers & volunteer programs.


The Objective | To create a campaign and microsite for Global One’s “Rock The Fight” fundraising event in Boston, Massachusetts, to raise awareness and garner support for the organization’s mission to fight extreme poverty.

Need | To create a title for the event and message for the campaign.  They also needed a site and social media presence in order to help promote the event and as well as Global One’s overall mission as an organization.

Clout5 Solution| Clout5 created the “Rock The Fight” event title as well as the creative assets which included logo identity, brand and campaign message.  We also designed and developed the microsite and social media platforms where the event and the “Rock the Fight” campaign was promoted through.